Announcing the IA Summit Scholarship Program. We are actively recruiting students from backgrounds underrepresented in IA & UX and offering them scholarships to join us at #IAS18. I’m really proud of the team for putting this together. Spread the word!


One of my IA students pointed me to this site:

Just take a quick look. Your browser isn’t broken… that’s the site. It’s a really pure expression of IA and UX. It’s simple, but it’s got a lot of character and some nice bits of flair. I kind of wish I’d have done this.

YADIA: “IA defines spatial relationships and organizational systems, and seeks to establish hierarchies, taxonomies, vocabularies, and schema—resulting in documentation like sitemaps, wireframes, content types, and user flows, and allowing us to design things like navigation and search systems.”

from Sara Wachter-Boettcher. “Content Everywhere”

Glushko’s definition of IA

Yet Another Definition of IA (YADIA):

“The activity of Information Architecture [is] designing an abstract and effective organization of information and then exposing that organization to facilitate navigation and information use.”

-from The Discipline of Organizing, by Robert Glushko


Yes, you need breadcrumbs on your ecommerce site. You need location breadcrumbs, which show your position in the hierarchy. Because they reveal the site structure, breadcrumbs help answer “Where am I?” and “What else do you have like this?” They help the customer orient and explore.