What an honor to be nominated to the board of the @iainstitute, especially in such good company. https://www.iainstitute.org/election-nominations

You look trustworthy. I’m going to share something with you. It’s my personal code for $50 off #IAS18. Ready? It’s “stuart50”. Use it at IASummit.org before the early bird rate ends on Friday. Now, don’t share that with anyone. It’s just for you. Because I like your face.

Hey, lookee here! Registration is open for World IA Day Seattle. Check out the program schedule. This is gonna be a good one!

@WIADseattle – https://2018.worldiaday.org/location/seattle-washington

Congratulations to the Eagles on a fantastic win!

Speaking of birds… and winning… the early bird rate for #IAS18 ends on Friday, February 9. Register at iasummit.org before it’s too late.

Big shout out to @lauggh, experience director for #IAS18. Grace is a rock star, keeping a ton of balls in the air for IAS (and #WIAD), and doing it with good humor and aplomb. And she’s a magician with Airtable. Thanks, Grace, and all our amazing volunteers!

You say it’s too cold to go to a conference in Chicago in March? I say that’s why we don’t hold it outdoors. Sign up for #IAS18 at the early bird rate before 2/9 and stuff the cash you save in your clothing for warmth. Register now at iasummit.org.

Excuse me… you there… the IA/UX/Content Strategy professional who lives in the Chicagoland area. You haven’t registered yet for #IAS18? What’re you waiting for? We’re bringing the world’s greatest IAs to your doorstep. Don’t miss out. Register now at iasummit.org

I’m doing some light visual design for #IAS18 while watching the SOTU. it’s a good distraction. Of course, I’m leaving the serious visual work to @Bridget_Lyons98, who’s doing a phenomenal job upgrading our look this year. Check out her portfolio here: http://www.blyons.studio/

What do you love about the IA Summit? Is it the workshops? The keynotes? The sessions? The legendary social events? The stimulating hallway conversations? Or just all of the things? Don’t miss out on #IAS18. Register before the early bird rate ends at iasummit.org.

Just booked my flight for #IAS18. I’m going to stay long enough to see a bit of Chicago after the conf. What should I do? The Art Institute? Field Museum? Shedd Aquarium? Mag Mile? The new Apple Store? Or maybe just get an Italian Beef and some deep dish and stuff myself silly?