I get it. It’s one thing to know who is giving talks at #IAS18, and what those talks are. But you’re an IA. You want to know when they are, and you want to see them in a table, thank you very much.

Your wish is our command.

You’re already making your list, aren’t you? That’s why I love you, you crazy IA.

We’re trying as much as possible to keep #IAS18 familiar to long-time attendees, while still experimenting and making improvements. My co-chairs @iatheory and @orangelemons52 have been fantastic co-creators in this process. I’m a lucky boy. Hope y’all can join us in Chicago. iasummit.org

They call Chicago the Second City. But when the world’s leading information science practitioners show up for IA Summit in March, it’s gonna be the First City, amirite? Head over to iasummit.org to join us at #IAS18.

I’m goin’ for it. Time to get that elusive 30 day micro.blog pin. And I’ve got a good motivation. Heres a clue. More to come tomorrow and the next 29 days after that: http://www.iasummit.org/

Are you a UX professional in the Seattle area? You need to know about this spiffy new resource for finding events, groups, freelancers, education, and more: UX Seattle

Think navigation’s not important for driving user experience? Survata asked customers to name the most common reason they start product searches on Amazon. In first place:

28 percent of consumers credited Amazon’s experience and easy-to-use navigation.

Selection was second. Price was third.

Get your navigation right.

Announcing the IA Summit Scholarship Program. We are actively recruiting students from backgrounds underrepresented in IA & UX and offering them scholarships to join us at #IAS18. I’m really proud of the team for putting this together. Spread the word!


One of my IA students pointed me to this site: https://www.balenciaga.com

Just take a quick look. Your browser isn’t broken… that’s the site. It’s a really pure expression of IA and UX. It’s simple, but it’s got a lot of character and some nice bits of flair. I kind of wish I’d have done this.